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There are many tires available for every kind of make, model, and vehicle type. Whether you drive a sedan or a heavy duty truck, it's the tires that touch the road. You don't want something that'll pop at the first pothole, but choosing the right set of tires can be daunting.

We make it easy with our expertise. Our trained mechanics will tell you about your options with all your concerns in mind, whether it's about price, safety, or reliability. Whatever you choose, we will provide the best quality for the money. Our tire shop is a great place to start looking. We have some of the very best tires available on the market. Come visit our store and our tire service staff will help you choose from a wide assortment for your vehicle. We also offer quality and reliable tire repair and wheel alignment services.

For quality tires, contact us at Magnuson Tire & Auto Repair Inc in Riverside, CA.